Earth Wind And Fire Super Hero Lyrics

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Super Hero is a song played by Earth Wind And Fire.


I will be your Super Hero

But U must understand

If I’m 2 be your Super Hero

U must give me half a chance

Listen 2 my band

I am born unto pverty and fear

I am scorned yet I hold back my tears

There’s so much I can and

Will and want 2 do

But I cannot until I get through 2 U


I am lucky if I learn 2 read and write

Where I live U must first learn 2 stand and fight

I’m the product of the system, I’m aware

What’s my name, don’t matter-nobody cares


I understand U need me if U ever 2 war

But I don’t understand if I buy the goods

Why I can’t own the store

Don’t tell me that I am not worthy

After 400 years overtime

If it’s yours then tell me

Why can’t it be mine

I am just as good as U or any kind

And there’s so much I can

And will and want 2 do

But I cannot until I get through 2 U


Give us what U give your brothers

Then U’ll understand

That I won’t be your Super Hero

Until U give us all U can now-now!